Construction Times Magazine - April 2022

In an interview with Construction Times, Mr Jatin Suratwala, CMD, Suratwwala Business Group Limited, expressed his expert views about the resurgence of the real estate sector. He shares his thoughts about the comeback the industry is making in India, with focus on the Pune metropolitan region. The aforesaid interview was published in the April, 2022 issue of Construction Times, a leading trade magazine dedicated to Indian realty.

Current trends in Real Estate Industry -
16th Mar 2022

An article in CXO OUTLOOK Magazine by Mr.Jatin Suratwala Managing Director and Chairman of Suratwwala Business Group Limited
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Property Times - Budget 2022 - 10th Feb 2022

Budget 2022 : From the perspective of realty players and homebuyers, an article in The Property Times by Mr. Jatin Suratwala Chairman Managing Director and Chairman of Suratwwala Business Group Limited.

Construction Week Magazine - Challenges ahead for the Construction Industry - 9th Feb 2022

Challenges ahead for the Construction Industry, an article in Construction Week India by Mr. Jatin Suratwala, Chairman & Managing Director, Suratwwala Business Group

Realty NXT - Review of the performance of commercial sector - 13th Jan 2022

Mr. Jatin Suratwala, Chairman & Managing Director, SBGL has expressed extensive views in the article “Review of the performance of commercial sector” published in Realty Next on 7th January 2022. He says “As per the recent reports on realty the realty in commercial spaces is driven by IT and ITES. Considering the other ingredients mentioned in the report the Realty market is positively marching towards growth in this year 2022.”

लोकसत्ता अष्टावधानी- ४ जानेवारी २०२२

"राजकारणातील चाणाक्य" अशी उपाधी प्राप्त असलेले मा. शरदचंद्रजी पवार साहेब, यांच्या कार्याचा आढावा लोकसत्ताने, 'अष्टावधानी' या पुस्तकामार्फत घेतला. त्यांच्यावर आधारीत हे पुस्तक वाचल्यानंतर, त्यांच्या कार्याला आणि महत्वाकांक्षेला आपसूक नमन करताना माझे दोन शब्द. - श्री. जतिन सुरतवाला, संचालक सुरतवाला बिझनेस ग्रुप लिमिटेड.

लोकसत्ता वास्तुरंग - ३१ डिसेंबर २०२१

श्री. जतिन सुरतवाला, संचालक सुरतवाला बिझनेस ग्रुप लिमिटेड, यांचा लोकसत्ता - वास्तुरंग सदरातील लेख...... व्यावसायिक जागेमधील गुंतवणूक कशी आणि कुठे करावी, कोणत्या प्रकारच्या जागेमध्ये करावी या विषयी आपले विचार मांडले आहेत व व्यावसायिक जागेमधील गुंतवणूक, त्याकरिता लागणारे भांडवल व त्यावरील परतावा या विषयीची माहिती दिली आहे... अधिक माहितीसाठी संपूर्ण लेख वाचा......

लोकसत्ता अष्टावधानी - ३० डिसेंबर २०२१

अष्टावधानी पुस्तक प्रकाशनावेळी (डावीकडून ) पुणे जिल्हा शक्षण मंडळाचे ऍड संदीप कदम, मगरपट्टा सिटीचे सतीश मगर, इंडियाना सुक्रोटेक पुणे लि. चे. पी के. बेलसरे, डॉ. बाबा कल्याणी, एस. एस. इंजिनियर्सचे एस. बी. भड, माननीय शरद पवार, अमनोरा पार्कचे टाऊनचे अनिरुद्ध देशपांडे, सुरतवाला बिझनेस ग्रुप लिमिटेडचे संचालक श्री. जतिन सुरतवाला उपस्थित होते.

Burger King Store Inaugration - 15th Dec 2021

Burger King store opening Inauguration by Mr. Jatin Suratwala, Chairman & Managing Director and Mr. Hitendra Suratwala In Suratwala Mark Plazzo Hinjawadi.

Loksatta - Rise in Construction Cost - 15th Dec 2021

Mr. Jatin Suratwala, Chairman & Managing Director of Suratwwala Business Group Ltd., in a quote in leading Marathi daily ‘Sakal’ regarding the rise in construction cost, said, “There has been a rise in building construction materials like cement, steel, etc. However, there is also growing demand for residential and commercial space.”

Times Commercial Spaces - 10th Dec 2021

It gives us immense pride to get featured in Times Commercial Spaces. Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. We are the leading construction company that assures its results on the basis of trust, quality and commitment. This article encompasses our biggest commercial project and how we have shaped the face of real estate commercial projects.

लोकमत - स्मार्ट पुण्यातील स्मार्ट इन्व्हेस्टमेंट - ४ सप्टेंबर २०२१

स्मार्ट सिटी पुणे, स्मार्ट गुंतवणुकीसाठी खरंच 'स्मार्ट' पर्याय आहे. पुण्यात उत्तम संधी निर्माण करून आपल्या मनाजोगे लक्ष साधण्यासाठी बराच वाव आहे. असे असूनही, व्यावसायिक किंवा निवासी मालमत्तांमधून योग्य मालमत्ता निवडणे, हे एक कठीण काम आहे. गुंतवणूक नेमकी आणि योग्य प्रकारे कशी करता येईल याबद्दल अधिक जाणून घेण्यासाठी, SURATWWALA BUSINESS GROUP चे, अध्यक्ष, व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक श्री. जतीन सुरतवाला, यांचा लोकमतमध्ये 04/09/2021 रोजी प्रकाशित झालेला, हा संपूर्ण लेख वाचा.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook in a post-COVID-19 era in 99Acres - 27th Aug 2021

"COVID-19's pandemic has negatively affected real estate in Pune. Talent, technology, industry, and connectivity are all driving a rapid rebound in the sector yet again. In the future, Pune's commercial market will be driven by changing investor dynamics, growth in the IT industry, and solid market fundamentals.A new dynamic is set to propel the Commercial market once again, find out more in Pune: Commercial real estate outlook in a post-COVID-19 era read what Mr. Jatin Suratwala, Chairman & Managing Director of SURATWWALA BUSINESS GROUP, has to say on it. read coverage of an Article published on ""99 Acres"" on 27th August 2021. Pune has a robust commercial real estate market due to its excellent transport, civic and social infrastructure and a large residential catchment. While the sector witnessed difficulties during the second COVID-19 wave, it is set to bounce back in the remainder of the current year.

Pune's Real Estate Market post pandemic - Construction Week Magazine - 27th Aug 2021

A new dynamic is set to propel the Pune's real estate market post pandemic once another, read what Mr. Jatin Suratwala,Chairman & Managing Director of SURATWWALA BUSINESS GROUP, has to say on it. read coverage of an Article published on "Construction Week" on 27th August 2021.Pune is the fastest developing cities referred to as the biggest metropolitan economy across the country and holds the eight place in India. Pune is also known as an Educational, IT and Industrial hub which is vital for enhancing the economy of the city. The ease of Living index 2020 released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs ranked Pune as the Second easiest city to live in. The most awaited growth in urban infrastructure received a boost when Pune was listed as one of the top 100 cities in India’s smart cities mission. The upcoming big infrastructure projects like Ring road, Metro, Airports are likely to complete in next 5 years.The city offered giants the required space and infrastructure essentials to IT/ ITes. IT corridor spreads from Hinjewadi to Kharadi & Magarpatta. The approximately 85% of India’s IT companies have headquarter in Pune. It is also emerging as the favoured destination for tech start-ups, accommodating 3200 active start-ups based in Pune. The Centre for American Entrepreneurship identified Pune as an “Emerging Global Start-up Hub”.

Times Property - Proud to Get Press Publicity! -
26th Sep 2020

We are delighted to inform that the Suratwwala Business Group Limited has been featured in the Times Real Estate Icons - West India, in its issue dated 26th September, 2020. The Press coverage highlights the Group`s business philosophy and achievements, with a focus on our latest commercial project - Suratwala Mark Plazzo - in Hinjawadi, Pune.