Suratwwala Business Group Ltd.

Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. is Pune’s one of the best and leading construction companies that assure its results on the basis of quality and trust. The real estate sector is on the demand for envisioning new heights of the dynamics of the industry. We prosper our path with passion and perfection towards innovation. We believe our experience, techniques, and expertise through our projects will emblem our mark in construction history and the days to come. Our partners and stakeholders are in our consistent association to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to our customers. The type of pride and construction we want to build is what empowers us to thrive more every day.

Your space is precious for you. And we know it better.

We just don't construct the spaces, we build the relations throughout.


To make ‘Suratwwala’ a name synonymous to trust and dedication.


We are committed to creating an ambiance for growth and prosperity for all of our partners.
We would like to create quality work that will be appreciated by our customers.
We intend to achieve the pinnacle of perfection with our expertise and innovation.

Company Profile

Pune City, exponentially rising in every aspect is enriching with timely necessities. The pursuit of occupying this expedition is leading towards building versatile places. Such places, which are not only capable of acquiring but also are the efficiencies of growth and excellence.

Suratwwala Business Group Ltd., the tycoon of construction and real estate sector is desired to build similar places. Through delivering the best of quality, innovation is achieved which differentiates us from the crowd. We stand with you from the foundation to inauguration, contemplating each step for a lifetime of experience. ‘Bricks and Mortars’ is our profession but 'Perfection and Innovation' is our nature.

We count success neither in terms of numbers of projects accomplished nor in terms of measuring the building heights. However, success for us is the smile that reflects on every customer’s face to see his/her dream coming true—so vividly and with such perfection.

Quality & Goals

Construction is not a walk in the park. There are numerous parameters and factors that are working simultaneously in such a long and lethargic process. The parameters that are to be remained constant throughout and after the execution are pivotal. Quality is one such uncompromising consideration on which the value and faith of all our projects are based. SBGL undeniably delivers quality; we abide by standard Total Quality Management (TQM) guidelines and strive for satisfactory project completion.

In order to truly achieve excellence, one must compete none but thyself. At SBGL, comprehending this, we scrutinise every project making it bigger and better than the previous one. We have stood by this tall and firm and keep filling the cup of our passion for making something good. We aim to bind our customers with our values and give them what they want in return; something exceptional.


Success is not measured by the number of projects done but rather assured by the number of smiles or pats on the back that are earned along the way. Imagining the prototype and executing the actual pillars of the mind’s eye through and through as promised is our mantra towards superiority in the real estate sector of Pune City.

Doing things differently than the rest of the crowd is what outshines us from them and litigates our devotion in delivering nothing but the best. We always strive to excel and outperform. Our hard-working team of experts through their proficiency always brings the best to the table outperforming the rest. The relationship we share with our associates and customers is the replica of our work performance and down-to-earth achievements. They inspire us to jump a little higher and think a little louder every day.

The Brand

The team is an important part of an organisation. The growth of the company can be attributed to the teamwork of employees. Suratwwala believes in the same teamwork and so it makes sense to make it a part of the logo.

The dots over the letter W symbolise the employees of the organisation. It also depicts that the company stands firm on the shoulders of its employees. In addition, it signifies the hard work, dedication, and co-operating nature of the workforce which is the major reason behind delivering excellence.

The wise choices of colours give the logo a corporate touch and denote the values we work through. The font is subtle, something that can be remembered easily.

Board of Directors

Mr. Jatin Dhansukhlal Suratwala

Managing Director and Chairman

Mr. Jatin Suratwala is the Chairman & Managing Director of our Company. He is Promoter and Director since incorporation of the Company. He holds a diploma degree in Metallurgy from Government Polytechnic, Pune. He started his career in 1990. His role and responsibilities include business development, land procurement, Legal and liasion along with funding requirements of the group. He is also responsible for new business planning and strategies. Under his leadership, the company is taking strides towards achieving a goal of making “SURATWALA Group” a renowned name in Real Estate Development in Pune and other states. He has a total experience of more than 28 years in diversified areas.

Mr. Manoj Dhansukhlal Suratwala

Whole-Time Director

Mr. Manoj Suratwala is the Whole-Time Director of the Company. He is also Promoter and Director since incorporation of the Company. He holds B. Com degree Pune University. He started his career in 2008 with SURATWALA Group. His role and responsibilities include handling of Execution of Construction Projects, all procurement for Real Estate Project and day-to-day Construction related operations of the company. He has a total experience of more than 20 years in Real Estate Development.

Mrs. Hemaben Pankajkumar Sukhadia

Non Executive Director

Mrs. Hema Sukhadia, Non Executive Director, has started her career with SURATWALA Group in 2008. Her role and responsibilities include handling of all Human Resource & Administrative activates of the Company. She has a total experience of more than 10 years.

Mr. Pramod Jain

Independent Director

Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain is an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. He was appointed as an Independent Director on 30th November 2019. He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost and Work Accountant and Company Secretary. He also holds degree of Bachelor of Law from Pune university and Masters of Business Administration from University of Pune. He has 20 years' rich corporate experience as "Finance Head, Legal Head and Company Secretary. He is also renown public speaker. Has authored two popular books, "Finance for Value Creation" and "You Are A Born Winner". And currently practicing as a Chartered Accountant, Insolvency Professional and Business Valuation Professional (SFA), based in Pune.

Ms. Dimple Kirit Sanghvi

Independent Director

Ms. Dimple Kirit Sanghvi is an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. She was appointed as an Independent Director on 30th November 2019. She has completed her Master of Commerce from Osmania University. She is a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner by Profession. She is Business transformation leader with 19+ years of experience in defining strategy and leading business transformation initiatives, training, Lean Six Sigma, Data Science, build Machine Learning models. She was associated with various big corporates in a leadership role.

Mr. Shailesh Kasegaonkar

Independent Director

Mr. Shailesh Kasegaonkar is an Architect. He was appointed as an Additional Independent Director on 19 th July, 2022 and regularize in the Annual General Meeting held on 19 th August, 2022. He has done his Bachelor’s in Architect from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He has 23 years of professional experience in Architectural Conceptualization, Design Development, Project Management in residential commercial, Industrial leadership and Governance.